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John "Buckets" Hurley
~ Vice President ~
Untouchables MC Illinois Chapter
Chicago Police Department
Entered This Life: April 15, 1977
Rode Into Heaven: September 11, 2005

Eric "Junior" Forster
~ Vice President ~
Untouchables MC Mother Chapter
Lake County Sheriff's Department, Indiana
Entered This Life: August 3, 1978
Rode Into Heaven: February 23, 2008

Jeff "Red Beard" Timmons
~ President ~
Untouchables MC Washington D.C. Chapter
United States Capitol Police
Entered This Life: January 2, 1963
Rode Into Heaven: June 30, 2009

Riding for our Brothers that can't.

David "Tex" Ridder
~ National Road Captain ~
Untouchables MC Mother Chapter
Harley-Davidson Calumet County
Entered This Life: June 29, 1965
Rode Into Heaven: November 16, 2012

Jason "Mud Puppy" Long
~ Nor-Cal Road Captain ~
Untouchables MC California Chapter
Air National Guard Special Police
Entered This Life: July 15, 1975
Rode Into Heaven: November 26, 2013

Randy "Sea Horse" Nold
~ Found of UMC Florida ~
Untouchables MC Colorado Chapter
Chaffee County Sheriff
Entered This Life: June 29, 1951
Rode Into Heaven: December 2, 2013

Michael "Kruiser" Kruse
~ Full Patch Member ~
Untouchables MC Colorado Chapter
Colorado Springs Police Department
Entered This Life: September 7, 1947
Rode Into Heaven: December 26, 2013

Jerry "Skid Row" Rowe
~ President ~
Untouchables MC California Chapter
Los Angeles Police Department
Entered This Life: November 30, 1947
Rode Into Heaven: May 16, 2014